Art direction and BTS for Lunya's 2023 travel campaign.


Talent: Sarah Kretzu

Videographer: Chase Hentges

Camera Assistant: Gabe Montero

HMUA: Adrienne Herbert

Production: Rosie Cummings

Treat Your Rest like the Vacation You’re Overdue for.

More than half of Americans don’t use all of their paid vacation days. Majority doesn’t rule. It’s time to get away and rest. Much of travel is imagining yourself somewhere new, what you will see, as well how you will feel there. Even if you’re not headed to Greece (just yet), you can still treat your rest like the vacation you deserve. Don our breezy striped linen or buttery soft modals and let your subconscious whisk you to those faraway places. 

Let bed be your passport. And rest, your ultimate getaway. 


Copy by Michelle Goldstein